Roon unable to connect to Mac backup device


I have noticed that my roon backups have recently started to fail. The last successful backup was on the 25th July.

My backups are held in a directory on my backup device, see below. Roon can not now access this external backup device

I also hold my music collection on this external backup device and Roon can’t access these either.

I can access this device from the Mac and I can see all the files and directories that Ronn can’t now see.

Could the latest Roon update be the caused of this?

In the meantime I have pointed my Roon backups to a directory on my Mac.


The latest update is unlikely to have caused this issue. Since you can see the drive from the Mac, which I assume is your core, it is more likely a permissions problem (note the error message.)

I suggest you go to System Preferences and check Roon has access in the Security / Privacy settings.

Thanks Martin, I have checked this and Roon has access permission in the Security / Privacy settings and yes and the Mac is my core.

If Roon has Full Disk Access, then I try removing this and re-adding. In addition, if you create a folder on the Mac with an album, and add this to Roon, does it work.

Hey @Chris_whitfield,

Ben here with the support team, I wanted to check in on this thread and see if you were still running into permission issues with your external backup device? @Martin_Webster is steering you in the right direction with the next steps.

Let me know!

Hi Ben,
The issue has been resolved by giving the external drive further permissions that it previously had. Must be something to do with the recent Apple macOS update.
Thanks @Martin_Webster for your assistance.

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