Roon unable to connect to share [Resolved - Password wasn't alphanumeric]

Roon adds a network share. After the network share location, user name, password and working group are correctly entered, the network share cannot be added successfully. Tip: unable to connect to share: not authorized.

How to solve this problem?

Hello @BW_PCbridge. Have you read this KB link?

Can you give some details of your network setup? And perhaps a screenshot of the add network share page?

Thanks for reaching out, @BW_PCbridge, and welcome to the Roon community!

As Brian suggested, definitely check out this article for best practices when adding a network share.

If that doesn’t help, can you provide some more details about your setup?

  • What is your Core machine?
  • What device are you trying to access via the network share?
  • Can you share a screenshot of what you’re entering and the error you receive?


Yes, I have read that article, and I operate according to the method in the article.
My core machine:x86
Access QNAP NAS through network share.
However, it could not be successfully added to roon’s network share.

Can you try using an SMB path instead?


Is there any change when doing so?

Are there any non-alphanumeric characters in your password? If so, can you try changing it to only alphanumeric characters and let us know if that helps?

smb://,It was also unsuccessful.

However, the NAS can be connected by changing it to an alphanumeric password.

Thank you very much.

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