Roon unable to detect external SSD folder on Nucleus One (ref#OLBEFB)

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· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

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Roon cannot find the external SSD folder attached to my Nucleus One. Nucleus One connections used: Ethernet, USB to HiFiRose 250. HDMI to Sony Bravia 65' OLED. One of the USB outputs is connected to a HiFi Rose 250. The HDMI ARC is connected to a Denon 3700 receiver. I'm running the Mac version of Roon. I have online radio stations working fine.

Describe your network setup

AT&T BGW210 router, NETGEAR ProSafe 16 port Gigabit Switch model GS116

Have you checked your web portal using the link above (screenshot)

See FAQ:

Once detected. Access the drive via your network share to transfer music to the drive.

What format has this external USB drive been formatted to?

If NTFS, make sure it was ejected properly before being disconnected from Windows PC.

Also check there are no corrupt blocks using
chkdsk /f command.

Ex-Fat I do believe

I checked it again, the drive is formatted APFS.

I tried but I got the message “unable to connect to the server.”

When you are referring to ROCK above, is that just another name for my Nucleus One?

What format should I use for the external drive? It was detectable when I was using my MacBook Pro as the Roon Core.

Since this is an external SSD, it won’t show up automatically in Roon’s :gear: > Storage as a Watched Folder - you have to add the folder containing your music collection as a Watched Folder yourself using Roon’s File Browser. Have you done this?

You got this message when you tried putting (the IP address of your Nucleus One) into a web browser?

OK, this need to be changed as per instructions in the guide. Ex-fat.

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Indeed - I missed this. RoonOS (the operating system of the Nucleus One) does not (fully?) support APFS-formatted discs. As suggested, it is better to reformat the drive to exFAT if the USB drive is also to be used with the Mac, or EXT4 if it is used solely with the Nucleus One.

From the ROCK Storage Basics article (also applies to Nucleus):

USB Storage - Best Practice

If you’re going to directly connect a USB drive to your server, you will have some options about how you want to format your drive.

We recommend USB drives connected to ROCK be formatted exFAT if you require compatibility, or EXT4 if you don’t.

Advantages of using exFAT include:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility (macOS, Windows, Linux)

  2. No real limits on drive size or file size

ROCK will also work with NTFS ,FAT32, and EXT2/3/4 drives, but if you are starting fresh with USB storage, our recommendation would be to use exFAT.


yes. but then I was able to connect later

No I have not

I reset the drive to Ex-FAT. I connected it to the Roon Server. The drive does not appear. Do I need to load the music onto the external drive while it is connected to my laptop, then once that is done, then connect it to the Roon Server?

With the USB drive connected to your Nucleus One, please post a screenshot of the “Choose music storage folder” screen that appears when you go to Roon’s :gear: > Storage and click the “Add folder” button. Thanks.

So you’re not able to select the music folder and click the “Select this folder” button? If so, then it would seem that the file permissions are somehow incorrect. On what machine was the folder made?

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Originally on my MacBook Pro.

Would it be easier if I used a NAS? I have plenty of storage, I would just have to figure out how to get it to communicate with Nucleus.

The Roon Portab showed up after I connected the external drive. Or is that the Roon Nucleus device itself? That small music folder I was trying to follow the steps in the instructions you sent me.