Roon unable to detect external SSD folder on Nucleus One (ref#OLBEFB)

I rebooted and got the same message that I just posted.

This message on the display connected to a Nucleus HDMI is normal and is the only display that you get. Nucleus devices are designed to operate headless (no keyboard or monitor) and this text is displayed on boot to aid diagnostics and to facilitate some basic (but only very rarely required) administration tasks (like resetting the network settings - which you do not need to do).

Since it is reporting “Roon can be accessed by opening any Roon Remote Product” and it has a valid ip address (, it would appear to be all working and you should be able to connect to the roon server from the Roon application on a Windows or Mac computer or the Roon Remote app on android or IOS.

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So this is what is going on now. I’ll include screenshots. I have my music folders on an external drive and I took one folder and dropped it into the Roon App on my MacBook Pro. The app asked if I wanted to add the music. I replied “yes.” There are only about 31 files in this folder (31 songs), but the counter is showing more files being added and no albums are showing up in my Roon Library.

I choose the Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez folder.

I dropped the file on this page. It asked if I wanted to add the file.

this is another picture showing the first couple of steps

It’s now saying there are 361 files copying. I only chose one album. WTH???

While those # of files keep adding up, my Roon page is still showing NO albums added. WTH???

First thing to check is if Roon has skipped any files during the import process. Go to Roon’s Settings > Library > Skipped files > View to see if there are any files listed.

BTW, instead of posting photos of your computer display, you can take screenshots and post them…

Gary, you need to listen to what people are telling you here and not keep going off doing your own thing and then post the issue you have.

You need to learn what Roon is and what it does and how it works.

‘Trying to get past the screen’ - which is there to tell you the unit is connected to the internet and your network, and therefore gives you the IP address to which has been allocated. This can be checked in the browser.

While dragging and dropping files into app works, it’s better to SET UP A FOLDER, and have Roon watch that folder so it can scan the files and import them.

This video might help; skip to 7:00 on the video.

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I thought that @Gary_Falanga had already set up a Watched Folder - in an earlier screenshot there was a Watched Folder at Nucleus One > Roon Portab > Music (I told him to remove the other Watched Folder, which was a false entry).

The other thing to make sure of is: how are these files and folders structured?

Roon will try and identify a folder containing only files as being an album. If it can’t readily identify an album, it will look at the metadata in the files to help in identification. So, two questions:

  • is the structure of your files and folders corresponding to a set of albums?
  • do the files have metadata (file tags) in them for Roon to use?

I notice that your drive has the name “Bootleg Drive” - so it may not contain released albums, but a bootleg collection. In such cases, it will be absolutely necessary for the files to have accurate metadata for Roon to use.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will use your suggestions.

I knew how to work Roon when my Roon Core was my laptop. Sorry, but I still don’t understand. Maybe I’m too dense. But the “watched folder” thing is confusing me.

I know I am going to get pummeled again. I watched the video from John Darko. Some parts helpful. So my music files are on an external drive. Do I plug that external drive into the back of the Roon Nucleus, and then somehow drag and drop files onto the internal SSD drive?

I think it finally sunk in. I connected the external drive to the Roon Nucleus. Now transferring files. Thanks, been difficult trying to concentrate, going through Covid and a divorce. All good now.

Roon Labs’ Knowledge Base has quite a few helpful FAQs… :slightly_smiling_face:

We are all here to help. Sometimes visual aids help rather than text, which is very true for myself.

Have you got it working now?

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Hey @Gary_Falanga,

Thanks for the additional reports and information. I’m sorry to hear about your current situation as well - I’m hoping you’re now with full access to your music :crossed_fingers: sometimes there’s nothing that can heal us better than listening to the right track or album.

We’re here in case you’re still running into issues though - keep us posted with your current status when you find a free moment!

Thank you for the help @Formula @Geoff_Coupe @Suedkiez and for showing us all the strength and comradery of the Roon community :raised_hands:

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Wishing you that things get better!