Roon unable to detect SonicOrbs as endpoints (ref#W9HQ65)

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I have 2 sonicorbiters, each connected to a combridge audio DAC and then to a simple 2 channel amp. these power two sets of speakers in my roon based multi-room streaming set-up.

These have been working flawlessly for 8 years.

Yesterday Roon lost the ability to see one of the SonicOrbs as an end point. I switched the SonicOrbs out with each other - this resulted in both of them being absent in roon. They are on my ethernet network because they both appear on the dashboard.

I just can’t get roon to see them as roon ready endpoints anymore.

I have no idea what may have changed overnight.

Roon Core Platform


Roon Core Specifications

Intel NUC i5

Connected Audio Devices

as per above info 2x Sonore SonicOrbiters

Home Network Details

Etherney connection throughout the house. Only the remote is on wi-fi.

Have you done basic troubleshooting like rebooting everything from the network outward?

Are they both still activated as Roon endpoints?
See ‘selectable output modes’ here: Sonore - ultraRendu

Yes, i have rebooted everything a couple of times.

Yes. they are. On the Sonore forums it was suggested I select something other than roon endpoint and reboot the Sonic Orbs and then reselect the roon outpoint option. I did this and then both Sonic orbs completely disappeared from my ethernet network altogether.

Something very weird is going on now

That’s strange indeed. If they both disappeared from the network, it might be a firewall issue? Have they been blocked?
Maybe you could plug them into another network, at a neighbour’s house or so, to see if they appear there.

Thanks @Arlen, that’s a good suggestion.
But after a couple of weeks of messing about on this I’ve decided just to replace the Sonic orbs and the unwieldy set up associated with them (the 2x two channel amps and Cambridge Audio DACs) with a simpler solution. I’m going to put in a couple of Bluesound power nodes instead.
I figure after 8 years the Sonic orbs don’t owe me anything and I’m keen for a change to a simpler 1 box solution.
Thank you for your assistance.


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