ROON unable to finish updating the database

iMac with ROON 1.7 build 528

ROON is updating the library every 24 hours on my Rescan is setup to Only at startup.
Before this version ROON was scanning my library at startup and then adds the new songs to the library. But now the scan is very slow, it is counting up and then counting down. Every time there is a scan there are new songs added to the library and my library was not modified.

My music library is on a Qnap NAS with about 96 000 songs

Since I have ROON my setup is unchanged, same computer et same NAS and I never had an issue before.

I tried removing the storage location and clean the library but the same update loop reoccurs.

Yesterday I recreated the storage location and started a new scan and today after 24 hours the scan was finished but the audio analyse was about done for 60% of the database and a new scan occurs. Now when I go in the clean up library section where the 3 items where reset to zero yesterday, now I have ‘Clean up 71765 files’… this number is changing with the new scan…

I don’t know what is the problem but there is something wrong…


Roon 2020-04-08 21-07-22
Roon 2020-04-08 21-06-56

Have you rebooted everything, server, nas, control etc?

Yes of course.

Hi @Patrick_Laramee,

Welcome to the forum! If you temporarily disable the QNAP as a watched storage location and copy a few media files over to your iMac (100-200 or so), does the same behavior occur for those files or is the issue limited to the QNAP share? It would be good to clarify this so we know in which direction to search, thanks!

Finally the bug is that I setup ROON to do the automatic rescan at startup but ROON force a rescan at every 24 hours.

To rebuild the ROON database and finish the background audio analysis it took 3 days because of the force rescan at every 24 hours. The rescan abort the audio analysis and the program have to rescan witch files are not analyzed and restart the process.

Hi @Patrick_Laramee,

So to make sure I understand you correctly here, you’re saying that you had the watched folder’s automatic rescan interval set to “Only on Startup” and setting it to 24 hours resolved this behavior?

No the problem is when I set ROON for only on startup it does a scan every 24 hours. And since the database creation (from scratch) takes more than 24 hours this is a problem.

Hi @Patrick_Laramee,

Roon scanning 96,000 tracks shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. Identifying the tracks may take longer, but the initial startup scan should be quicker.

Can you please provide some more information on how the QNAP is connected to the network? Are both the QNAP and the Core connected to the router via Ethernet (and not WiFi)?

Also, as a test, can you please confirm if there is any change in behavior if instead of having the share scanned at startup, you configure it to every 24 hours instead?

When everything is complete (about 2.5 days) the scan takes about 1h.

My ROON Core and my QNAP are both on the same gigabit switch.

But at every 24 to 48 hours ROON detects that all the library is (deleted ou modified).

I think the problem comes from the Multimedia Console App in my QNAP that is also scanning the same library of music. I don’t know if they changed something in the way they are scanning the files but it was ok in the past. Since then I have made several software and firmware updates on my QNAP. For now I disabled the App to see if everything is stable for a couple of days.

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Do let me know how it goes with the Multimedia Console app disabled.

That didn’t solved the problem. ROON was not running for a couple of days and when I restarted it in the overview page the number of tracks started to go down from 96k to 300. Now the scan is adding the tracks back to the database but it will take like 2-3 days.

I don’t know what is wrong but it wasn’t doing that in the past with the same setup and hardware.


All the files are transfered in the deleted section in the library maintenance.

I know that when the scan will end, I will be able to close and re-open ROON and the library scan will take less than an hour and the number of tracks in the overview page will not change.

Roon 2020-04-19 15-47-03

Hi @Patrick_Laramee,

Does your QNAP NAS support a USB connection to the Core? If you could temporarily try connecting via USB instead of having it on the switch, I wonder if this behavior would be the same with the different connection type.

Only ethernet…

@Patrick_Laramee - What kind of router are you using? Could you temporarily try to connect both the Core and the QNAP directly to the router instead (as a test)?

I’m using a TP-LInk C2300 router and a TP-Link TL-SG108 switch. The router, the iMac and the Qnap TS-453A are all connected directly to the switch.

The core is running on a iMac and I only start it when I need it, it seems that if I keep the core running all the time everything is ok (no delete of the database and rebuild after). But if I stop the core and start it again after a couple of days then there is a delete and rebuild of the database.


Hi @Patrick_Laramee,

Thanks for this info, that’s interesting to note. Could you reproduce this issue and let me know the exact local time + date it occurs at? I wonder if logs would show any additional info, and I can enable diagnostics mode for your account after you let me know the time/date of occurrence.

It’s rebuilding right now !!! 23h00 Eastern time.

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Hi @Patrick_Laramee,

Thanks for letting me know that timestamp! I have gone ahead and activated diagnostics mode for your Core and what this action does is next time the Core is online, it will automatically upload a log-set to our servers for analysis. Once these logs are received, I will request QA to review them to see if they contain further clues.

I started the core this morning at 6:25 and everything went ok.
I then stopped the core after the scan about 7:30 - 8:00.
I restarted the core a little bit later and force a rescan. (My auto rescan interval is at 24h).
This second scan reset my database and is still recreating the database at this time … 20:20

The folder with all my songs didn’t changed between the two scans.


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