Roon Unable to Locate Mac Library (ref#JPG7DG)

What’s happening?

· Something else

How can we help?

· None of the above

Other options

· My Roon software won't start up

Describe the issue

Roon can't seem to find my Mac which is my library

Describe your network setup

Cox cable gateway XB6, iMac m1, 2021, Sonoma 14.5

Do you run the Roon Server on the same machine as the Roon control app or a different one?

On the machine where your Roon Server is supposed to be running: is it? Do you see the Roon Server icon in the notification area on this machine in the Mac menu bar, top right?


Hey @Mike_Lamb,

I see your Roon device and Roon Server have been online recently, are you still having issues after @Suedkiez reply above?

Let me know your status, thanks! :+1:

Deletion of the Roon library and a fresh install saved the day.



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