Roon unable to play first few tracks of of hi-res album (192KHz, IAFF) while other music players can

Roon Core Machine


Windows10, Intel Core i7 8700, Corsair 2x8GB RAM DDR4

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Netgear and Cisco switches, mostly wired network, using both fiber optic/ethernet/wifi endpoints.

Connected Audio Devices

OpticalRendu with Chord Mscaler/TT2 combo, MicroRendu with Astel&Kern Acro L1000 DAC/headphone amp, wifi connected Sonos One, ChromeCast, ethernet wired Denon AVR, Apple TV

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’ve purchased ‘The Sound of Sonny’ by Sonny Rollins from HD Tracks in AIFF 192kHz 24 bit. It won’t play the first two tracks, but will play the rest of the album fine. The same files have no issues being played through Apple Music, so that seems to eliminate the possibility of an incomplete or damages file. I’ve tried different hardware/DACs on my setup (both players that are able to accept bitperfect streams and ones that will downsample like Sonos) but am unable to play the two tracks on any.

Hello @Quinten_Kroes ,

Can you please upload the affected files to the following link and let us know once uploaded? Thanks!

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Hi Noris, thanks for this, I’ve uploaded the two files I cannot play in Roon.

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Hi Noris, any news on this?

Hi @Quinten_Kroes,

We’ve escalated this to our QA department with a ticket, as we’ve been able to reproduce the issue with the files you submitted.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime. I’ll post updates here as I receive progress reports on the ticket, and I’ll let you know as soon as we have next steps.

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