Roon unable to play some playlists from Tidal

after update to build 276, Roon is unable to play some Tidal playlists, i.e. in the playlist view, the blue button on top “Play Playlist” is greyed out/faded to white and not clickable. When I click on play left of a track in the playlists, it says “Playing x tracks”, but no tracks are played or in case sth. else is currently playing, no change happens. The tracks are also not in the play queue thereafter.
Playing local files works always, some Tidal playlists work, and when I start a non-playable Tidal track directly from the album it works. Playing on the same computer through the Tidal webpage or desktop app works as well.

Roon version 1.3 build 276 stable 64bit
Windows 7 professional 64bit
Intel I7-4770, 32GB RAM
music is stored on internal and external (USB) hd and on Tidal.
Collection size 979 albums, 11126 tracks.

Thanks for your support,


Hi @Philipp_Sebastian_Ko ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated.

Moving forward, and my apologies for any confusion on my end, the TIDAL (playlist(s)) you are referencing in your post. Are these playlists that you’ve generated yourself with TIDAL content OR are these playlists generated by TIDAL? If it is indeed the latter, can you please provide an example of a playlist you are noticing this behavior with.


Hi Eric, there is more trouble with the tidal playlists. Some time ago I noticed that roon plays the songs not in a chronological way . Songs are skipped, sometimes two are marked, sometimes the first , sometime the second is played (see attached file - current Tidal Top 100 Playlist played just now)