Roon Update 1.8 - WHY AT ALL?

1.7 was stable , yes. But then it was just a repair release of 1.6.
With 1.6 the situation was very similar to 1.8.
Some were unhappy back then.

By the way:
My question is just a question with no intention to shout out loud.
I also notice that the Roon team is hearing the feedback and also starting with replies to get some things on their todos.

It’s really to hear what you think why 1.8 has been released with this content and at that time, because this keeps me wondering.


I think they maybe want to create a more personal GUI showing that they understand what you listen to.

However for me I feel the direction needs enhancing to make Roon current.

If you look a Qobuz it’s a very vanilla poor mans service, seen by its price drop to attract customers, but it can’t afford to develop.

However look at Spotify, Apple Music, and more so Tidal with ‘Connect’, if your streamer supports it would you need Roon?

I’m hoping what 1.8 is leading to is Roon content creation, because if it’s becoming more streaming focused, it must deliver content otherwise it just becomes a music player, and people will look at Tidal and say the app provides more than Roon, they really need to employ content creators or they will fade into the past.

I’m hoping 1.8 is the first step in that direction.


Thanks for your feedback, interesting points.

Wondering if Roon is able to get the right balance between local library and streaming right as time evolves, and keep a USP.

I’m an older guy and loving to have my own library still. Seems this is not the future, but it still has worth to me. Maybe new generations are different, and Roon needs a strategy to survive for sure.

To be answered in the years to come…


Thank you! Im not the only one wonderering about this update!!

I thought they made a big hype around this update and when i tried it, i didnt like it at all! I think that it is mostly ui updates and that things hav been moved or added. NOTHING that many users wished for.

I like roon. But it feels sometimes very simple and could most likely be much better if they listened more what people want.

I hope that roon learns something about this and gives us a really big update next time :slight_smile:


Maybe some of this is relevant to your pondering:

I agree. Our expectation bias has been hyped by the announcements for 1.8 but reality is rather disappointing over all.

Things went out of balance here, functionality, strategy and communication wise in my opinion. Hope it recovers soon.

Yes thanks I’ve recognized this topic about an hour ago. It’s similar. However my question is a bit more „open“ maybe.

Because it is finally a nice intuitive environment to listen to music, not an old rigid database program only.


Actually from a software perspective, Roon is extremely rigid and I feel they missed the boat when they did the initial software development.

There are several ways people would like to use Roon (from those that want an attactive, simple to use music player without all the data masturbation it has, to those that want all of the data/drilldown).

If they had been smarter with the internal GUI framework, Roon could have had several personalities that match different use cases.

I have tried roon several times but I found it cumbersome to use and it presented too much data.

But I did like some of its features.

If I could pick how I wanted to navigate and what data I wanted to see, then I would be a user.



I don’t get it either. What’s all the fuzz about?
And why, why they made it so ugly I can’t stare at it.
That overwhelming purple. As if we are children.

I realy think the developers of the GUI only uses tablets and developing only for tablets.
Well, there I am with my 32inch monitor. Realy realy, it looks like crap and worse!

They are so full of themselfs they think everybody likes what they come up with.
Give people at least a choice to choose there own colours!

I used to recommend Roon to my friends. I stopped, because I can’t no longer explain why I use it, instead of Foobar (for example)
Don’t use streaming services. For me that’s an cheap all you can eat-concept. My library is enough for me. I tried Tidal and Qobuz. The only thing you get is that people want more and more and more. Without carefull listening and enjoying. And thats what you do with classical music which I listen to 80% of the time.
There I am after 3 years with my lifetime membership, Roon drifting away from me.


on the contrary!
Qobuz app, introduced when many were asking for Roon/Qobuz integration and getting as reply from Qobuz “We are developing our own app à la Roon”, is pretty good (visually) and has most of what used to be in Roon but v1.8 scrambled
Not only this but… v1.8 looks, graphically, a bloated and less informative copy of Qobuz app :roll_eyes:

and, btw… Qobuz still is the best streaming service for classical music… “fans” :rofl:

oh, and… btw 2… Qobuz’ own editorial content is so good that I wish we could have it in Roon too!


You feel wrong sorry, there are some technical issues which makes it impossible or harder to hear my music.

Impossible! How come? Unless something is wrong with your computer? Or your HIFI does not function any more?

For many users Qobuz has missing content.
Mobile app is rubbish.
CarPlay does not work.
Offline content on mobile does not work
Playlist are rubbish unless you are French.
No Station function
No radio function - leaving that to Roon, what about non Roon Users?
Suggested albums for you?
Suggested artist for you?

Its simply a point and play service miles behind Tidal in terms of functionality.

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If your rose isn’t growing the way you want, you need to prune it back. That allows it to grow better in the way you want.
The pruning looks jarring at first, but it’s best for the plant and it’s future.

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To complete : their database is not worthy of a service “in love” with music. if you are a young artist no chance of being discovered unless the publishers like you. Their editorial line is anecdotal and inferior to that found on read.tidal or Presto Music. They promise changes that never come.

I have one windows pc and nothing is wrong with it, it´s a new setup. After going to 1.8 Roon does not start, and nothing more has changed. I am not alone with this problem so do not say something is wrong with the PC. My notebook with Windows 10 too, has no problem. One more point is that Roon lose connections to the endpoints, so I have to restart roon core several times a day. Not enough? There are a lot more points.

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Because it is a vastly improved user interface. It really is not fundamentally different to 1.7 under the hood. All I experience is a far easier access to Qobuz and a much more effective interface for handling my music library information system. I’m struggling to undersatnd what the fuss is about - perhaps I’ve been lucky, but I do have a wide variety of devices so I’m struggling to see that too.


It has been with 1.7 already, I see no game changing improvements here, but downsides.