Roon Update check error

Hi, running RopieeeXL on 3 pi 4’s and Roon is saying there is an error checking for an update on all 3 devices. As a result (I think), getting an error saying that a software update is needed to match metadata. My Roon core and iPad are both up to date. Anyone else experiencing this?

I think there are troubles with Roon’s servers.

Same for me. Everything working fine, Roon only gives the error checking for update on both my devices. Before upgrade, after upgrade to 2.486 and also with the latest beta 2.491

Can you retry by resetting your Roon Core?

I have just installed (yesterday 10th May) RoPieee on my Raspberry Pi3 - I thought it might fix my “There was an error checking for an update” error when using Raspbien + Roon bridge. However it has not fixed the error (even though my system seems to be working just fine. You mention that I might try to “reset” my Roon Core. What exactly does this mean? Thanks Mark

Reset your Roon server.

Sorry to say, same problem.

Ok. I think there might (still) be a problem with the Roon servers.
I guess you can ignore it for now.

Nope this will not go away without some repair.
See here: Error updating Roon Bridge
and here: RoonBridge update error

the log reports a TLS related problem
Warn: [appupdater] Couldn’t connect to update server: System.Net.WebException: Error: ConnectFailure (TLS Support not available.) —> System.NotSupportedException: TLS Support not available. —> System.NotSupportedException: No such TLS Provider: `btls’.

I would really appreciate if this would be recognized as a real issue.


I did puzzle over this error the other day, but since I believe I’m running the latest version of Roon Bridge I thought nevermind forget it. Obviously if it stays the same without a fix when an update is available then we may have a problem.

Agreed. Nevertheless it doesn’t harm to start digging already

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This is not something I can fix. It’s up to the Roon team.

Hi Harry,

thanks for jumping in. Yes obviously this is not in your area. I can confirm that this happens also with Volumio based installations and direct installations on a fresh Raspbian lite image. So I hope the roon team will tackle this soon.

kind regards

Same issue here since a few days. I am running Volumio / Roon Bridge Plugin on an Odroid C2

Same issue here with DietPi / Roon Bridge on RPi

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Still have the same issue with my RopieeeXL Pis - I have five of them, across Pi3 and Pi4 and they all report as ‘There was an error checking for an update’. Everything works fine.
Is Roon bridge Version 1.0 (build171) stable the latest version??

Roon Labs know about it and are investigating. Build 171 is the latest version, so just ignore the error message.

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Problem fixed


I can also confirm that the problem has been fixed !

Me too. Good work. This is very much appreciated