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Since last night’s update, ROON no longer sees “any” of my Sonos zones (i have more than a dozen) - before this summer’s update I could see all, after the summer update I lost ‘most”, after last night, it no longer sees any Sonos connect devices.

Hi @Brian_Robbins1,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with some of your endpoints in Roon. The Connect devices are a bit aged now and aren’t seeing support directly from Sonos, for that reason. I recall, from your previous posts, that your network setup was pretty complex. Are any of these units connected to switches?

Have you tried turning off power to the Sonos devices, then rebooting your Core and Router, then powering up the devices individually to see if they reappear?

Additionally, we’ve had some customers restore those devices in Roon by resetting their Connects.

Please let us know if either of these steps help.

Thanks Jamie - unfortunately none of your suggestions have solved my issue. Even after the latest updates my system no longer sees any of the Sonos Connects (even the later generation ones - although they showed in the past). So at least in this home i appear limited to listening to roon through devices that use airplay or on a dedicated streamer. Its unfortunate as I have entire house audio and would otherwise be enjoying roon in many other locations in my home. Also, ill start a separate thread, but recently I’ve had roon drop pieces before completion.

Hi @Brian_Robbins1,

We’re dismayed to hear that your Sonos devices are still not found. Can you tell us a bit more about your network setup? What are you using there?

And what type of Sonos units are these and how are they connected to internet?

As a side note: I saw this question in your profile:

This is typically due to licensing issues with the streaming version. Occasionally licensing will get restored on an album at the streaming service but the version previously in Roon will have had a different ID, meaning Roon doesn’t recognize it as the same version.

Thanks Jamie - I ran the “clean up utility” and so for not unavailable tracks.

Re: the Sonos connect issues , i’m using a nucleus + connected directly to an ethernet switch. All of my Sonos connects are also connected to my network through ethernet switches. All of my Sonos connects are seen by and work with the Sonos 1 controller app. None of my Sonos connects are currently “seen” by roon (most, but not all, of them were seen before the update of the roon platform earlier this summer). I rebooted the nucleus +, (and unplugged it and replugged it), I rebooted my network, roon still only sees my airplay devices. I plan to add an Auralic streamer to my system, it will be interesting to see if roon sees that. Some of my Sonos connects are the “newer” ones, some are the older ones. Also, roon used to see my Sonos play bars (i have several of those), but also stopped seeing those after the same update.

When I get back to my cape cod house, it will be interesting to see what is going on there (I have the same set up there).



Hey @Brian_Robbins1,

Thanks for getting back in touch about the Sonos devices with these additional details. Can you tell us a bit more about the configuration and the switches you’re using? Perhap post a diagram of your network setup if you have one? This may help reveal the issue.

Thanks Jamie - some photos are attached - I have over 20 zones all connected via ethernet switches ultimately to an xfinity modem operated in bridge mode. The ethernet switches are Araknis. My wifi is controlled via an internal hardwired network into which all these ethernet switched devices feed (as well as supporting my wireless devices). Hope that helps. As noted, many of my sonos connects (which feed into my wireless network via the ethernet switches) were seen and enable in Roon before the round of updates that started over the summer.

I’m installing in a few weeks a stand alone McIntosh amp/pre-amp 2 channel system with an Auralic streamer (like I use at my other home) and I’m crossing my fingers roon will find that as that will be my primary two channel listening room.


Brian Robbins

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