Roon update this morning and now can’t access database

So I did the recommended update this morning and now it’s all gone south.

First I got the no network devices found (there’s usually about eight or so) so I rebooted the modem, router, and the ROCK nuc (7i5BNH) and the iPad I was using as a remote which resulted in a second prompt to update, which then gave me the white square of death and warning that there was trouble accessing my database (located on an external USB drive attached to the NUC).

First time I’ve had Roon totally fail on me - usually if somehting goes wrong it’s generally a netwrok issue, but network seems to be working just fine at the moment. This sucks. Hoping I don’t have to rebuild my database (and lose all of my Tidal adds). FTR it does still access the Tidal page, but no network devices found.

@support will probably want the info detailed here -

We did have a power outage Saturday night and this morning was the first I tried Roon, so that may have something to do with it.

Thank you. Trying to restore the last backup now. If that doesn’t work I’ll fill out all the info. I can connect in and see ROCK and all is stable otherwise - I think the power outage must have killed the database.

Ignore. Restored from backup and all is good now. Whew…

Backups a pain but your best friend when nails are being bitten.

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Now going to populate a backup in as many different places as I can think of! I only had it on the external music drive - if that had gone I’d be s.o.l.


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