Roon Update - what I am missing

Update of ROON still contains errors.

When I select the focus, I can unfortunately only see a few of my folders. The last line in blue “view more” is no longer visible.

Much more important and disappointing is how the filters are programmed.

For example, I cannot select whether I want to listen to music from the sixties and the seventies because both filters are linked with “AND”.

Similarly, I cannot select two music genres such as “Free Jazz” and “Contemporary Jazz”. Since both filters are linked with “AND”, the result is an empty set.

In other words, all filters in each category, for example “Genre”, “Rating”, “Storage Locations”, “Release Date” "etc. must always be linked with “OR” in order to work properly.

The same applies, of course, to all TAGS. If several TAGS are selected, they must always be linked with an “OR”.

Completely flawed is how a piece of music can be assigned a TAG. It is easy to assign a piece of music to a TAG. But if, as it turns out later, this has been done incorrectly, or if a different assignment is to be made, a single TAG can no longer be deleted! If many hundreds of CDs have been assigned to a same TAG and one piece of music has been incorrectly assigned to this TAG, the TAG as a whole must be deleted and rebuilt for all pieces of music.

The filter selection above the music pieces in violet and red is very nice but difficult to handle. However, each filter should be displayable with three states, namely

  • the filter is set active (violet)

  • the value of the filter is excluded (red), and

  • the filter is set to “inactive” and is not effective at all (now you can only delete this by clicking on the X-button, so that the filter button disappears). However, it should be set to “gray” in this third state, for example, so that it can be set active again at any time.

I deeply hope that the software will be revised in this sense and can be used again with pleasure.


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