Roon updates result in lower Volume levels

Has nobody else noticed the volume levels going down after the last couple Roon updates?

In my Hegel 590, I used to listen comfortably at volume level between 47~53 and now it seems like that’s too low and I have to bump it up to 58~63 to get the same level.

It also seems like SQ has gone down with the last two updates.

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed this?

I just tried a few tracks with your question in mind and I personally do not see a difference with volume settings on my Pre.

No difference to me …

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Extremely unlikely, if not just simply impossible!

Better check your end of things, like:

  • Did anything change in signal path?
  • Did anything change in device setup?
  • Did anything change in DSP settings?

The only change was the Roon updates, but I was listening to new music perhaps it was the recording level of those tracks, I’ll try again with a few of my favorites.

This has nothing to do with Roon’s release version, and everything to do with your source material. You can get a pretty good idea of what to expect with the waveform display. If it’s almost a flat line, you’re going need to need turn up the volume, but will often be rewarded with a nice wide dynamic range. If the waveform is close to max, you’ll need to turn down the volume, but the dynamic range suffers.


Using completely unknown music to draw such conclusions across a couple of Roon updates and then post your bewilderment about no one else noticing it is odd.

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Right, I’ve narrow it down to old Tidal tracks. Source material was apparently recorded at lower volume levels and I guess I’ve been listening to those a lot recently. I went back to newer / more recently recorded songs and both the volume and SQ are still where they were before. Silly me.

Thanks everyone for the comments.