Roon updating metadata at an inopportune time

Roon fired up about 7:40 PM and started updating my installation. It’s eating all the memory and a good chunk of CPU.

Why does it do this at such an awkward time? It’s killing my streaming (over my slow network connection). Is there someway to tell it to do it in the middle of the night, instead?

Unless you haven’t used it in a long time the last update release was quite some time ago to B610.

You can tell it not to download updates or install them in the Settings | About area for each Remote and core machine in the gear icon IIRC

It may have been updating metadata, rather than updating Roon itself. I notice that there’s a burst of activity from my Roon Core every 24 hours or so. It’s over within 10 minutes, but I can imagine that if you’re cursed with a slow internet connection then you might well notice it.

Thanks, Geoff. That sounds right. About 10 minutes. Plays hell with my streaming a football game.

So can I schedule that to happen on an off hour, instead of the middle of the evening?

Not as far as I know. It might be triggered 24 hours following a reboot, so perhaps try a reboot at a quiet time and see how it goes?

Set everything to update manually. Then get up at 01.00AM, start the updates and pray for the best (there is no update in the software world today that doesn’t break something). After doing it for 3 or 4 times, you’ll probably end up going to some church and pray that something, someone, somewhere will bring some sense in today’s developer minds!

You can also open a (hopeless) feature request…

You can set your updates to auto and then set up a restart in windows task scheduler for a more convenient time. This approach also gets a lot of the windows updates sorted at the same time.

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