Roon uploading a lot from my mac

Monitoring my network usage it seems like Roon is uploading a lot more data than it is downloading, which does not make any sense at all. Am I mistaking or is it possible, and what will it be uploading?

Data flow will depend on your Roon and network configuration. Without that information it is not possible to say.
But if for example, your Roon core is on the Mac, it will need to ‘upload’ data to any remotes and endpoints you are using (iPads?).

If you have networked end points your core will be managing traffic to them. To get a true indication of what is actually being uploaded from your network you would need to see the traffic profile at your internet presentation point.

Thanks Anthony, will this even be the case if I am only streaming to 1 endpoint?

As Henry said, you need to be looking at the traffic flow where it enters your home network to truly determine what is uploading/downloading to/from the internet. When you monitor traffic from a computer on your LAN, you are only seeing traffic in that network segment to/from the switch it is connected to.

There is packet analysis software that would enable you to determine how much data is being sent to Roon cloud over the internet from your Mac only (looking at source/destination IP addresses as seen by your Mac) but I am not familiar with any particular Mac software that does this.

To answer you original question: as a quick and dirty test, and assuming your core and storage are all on the Mac, turn off all endpoints. The remaining data flow will be to Roon cloud on the internet only, where you can identify it as Roon traffic, with some residual traffic from Roon trying to locate endpoints on your LAN (I presume, I’m not privy to how Roon actually works).

Thanks makes total sense, since this is most probably the music being send to my bluenode.

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