Roon upsampling relevant with Dirac for PC?

Hi Roon-ers,

I use an HTPC setup with Roon --> Dirac Live – HDMI --> UMC-200.

Dirac Live for PC seems to always output 192K to the processor (UMC-200) and I wonder - will software upsampling (either Roon or HQPlayer) before Dirac make any sense?


Upsampling prior to Dirac Live may make sense. My understanding of Dirac convolution is that it always operates at its max supported sample rate (i.e. internal rate). This simplifies the number of FIR filters/taps that Dirac needs to create and keep on hand. External audio that does not match the internal rate will be sample rate converted before convolution.

As such, you may choose to feed Dirac a constant stream at its internal rate, bypassing any Dirac up/downsampling. On the other hand, Dirac still may subject all external audio to asynchronous sample rate conversion, in which case, prior conversion becomes redundant.



You’re right, I’ve since tested that indeed Dirac will output the same sample rate it gets so upstream upsampling is relevant.