Roon Upsampling?

Can someone tell me why Roon upsamples the 44.1khz stream from Qobuz to 48kHz and also the bit depth to 64 to then downgrade it to 24bit??

It seems your Bluetooth headphones/device is telling the iPhone to output audio in a specific format, 24bit 48Khz?

I use AirPods Pro over Bluetooth. Why would they do it?

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Roon is converting to a format that is compatible with your AirPods, which is pretty cool. Roon does all sample rate conversions and DSP in 64-bits, so that’s normal.

Any losses due to format conversion are negligible compared to damage done by the lossy Bluetooth codecs.

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The Airpods are fixed at 48khz/24bit . Instead of letting the OS or the AirPods do the conversion, Roon is doing it in the best way it knows how to do so.

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