Roon upsampling

Roon Core Device

Laptop : HO 256GB, 8GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero mesh network, using unmanaged switch - Ethernet ports. Comcast router not involved.

Connected Audio Devices

Metronome Gear: Le Dac and the DSS streamer.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

When I use Tidal, the upsampling rate doesn’t show up on my DAC screen. So, a 96khz file and everything else shows up as 44.1 even when Roon ‘info’ for an album shows a different rate.

The Metronome is saying it could be an issue with Roon but of course they can’t troubleshoot this. Any idea if I need to change settings on Roon?

Appreciate any help here


Screen print of your signal path, please.

Dont have that handy but it’s a flat network on one subnet. Previous DACs showed correct rate in same system. No changes to the network

You misunderstand.

While you have something playing take a screen print of the result of pressing the indicated icon -

signal path

i can do that later today after work. Thanks

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