Roon Usability Design

USABILITY is a key element of software design (see ISO and other software engineering design standards). i.e. the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use

While Roon hyperlinks make connecting to music very satisfying - it has faults in basic navigation. Examples:

  1. Can only move 1 song at a time in reorganization of playlists (Man I wish they would fix this).
  2. For the longest time did not provide crumbs to allow a user to back track to previous click point (e.g. new releases) Fixed now thankfully.
  3. Filters - available at the top of the screen only; but don’t freeze so always visible, so if a user wants to change filters, have to scroll back to the top and change it
    I’m not going to list “99 things” that are usability issues, but more to encourage Roon to include usability as a key design criterion. There are usability standards on the internet; and they are an important part of the overall quality management system.

I can reproduce #1 as well, but not #3. E.g., My Albums, sorted by artist, after scrolling down to B - it still shows the filter top right:

You’re right on MY ALBUMS; it does freeze it on top - check it on Playlists and TAGS… it doesn’t.
Another example of inconsistent usability, per my point above. I did not notice that on albums as I don’t use Albums often. More of a TAGS and PLAYLISTS person.

I see, thanks. For me it’s the other way around, I don’t go to Tags or Playlists that often, and if I do I use filter straightaway, I think. So I never noticed. I can see how it sucks if you need that. On the bright side, I had an annoying issue for a long time with date editing, and that was fixed silently in one of the recent updates. There’s hope :slight_smile: