Roon User Survey


My name is Stephanie, I am a Roon user, like you.

I’m a UI (web) Graphic Designer who’s currently specializing in User Experience (UX) at UC Berkeley, California. My UX semester project is about Roon!

I would need the help of the Roon Community by doing few tasks with the smartphone app and answering a couple of questions.

I do not work for Roon, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings :wink:
In fact, candid feedback is the most helpful.

I already made 2 assignments presenting Roon and analyzing some screens (teardowns and user flows). If you are curious about it, please feel free to ask me to sharing them.

In advance, thank you a million for your help!



Hello there,

Thanks a million to the adorable “Rooners” who took the time to participate in my study.
Your comments are very helpful. Again thank you :ok_hand:

I contacted last week Roon Labs - and to respond to one of my testers - yes I will share with them my finding and ideas. They seem very enthusiastic about it :slight_smile:

#What’s the study about?
The study focuses on 6 actions to do with the smartphone app: Change the Volume, Switch the listening Zones, Synchronize (Rescan) your music library, Do a Research, Create a new playlist and Share a song.

If you have any comments about these 6 actions, you’re welcome to share them in this thread :))

#What’s next?

With your help, my next step is now to focus on a redesign of the Roon app, I will focus on:

  • The Volume Panel
  • The “Rescan” action, as some of you didn’t find how to do it with the app (I didn’t too!)
  • The “Share a song” option - if I have enough time. People have mixed feelings about it, and comments are very interesting (“would be nice to be able to share the actual track itself not just the details”).

Again, if anyone wants to see my previous studies about Roon, I’ll be more than happy to share them!