Roon Users FB Group - Massive # of Members Booted

Not sure if those goes here, so mods should delete or move if needed.

In several different audio groups on FB, I’m seeing growing number of people say they were kicked out of the “Roon Users Group” on Facebook for asking simple questions or pushing back gently on the group’s moderator. The group, and the man who runs it, have been a very valuable source of troubleshooting info for users, yet the behavior of the moderater seems to have become unpredictable, a bit vindictive, and confusing.

I’ve seen several posts saying folks wear being kicked out of that group as a badge of honor, but that doesn’t seem great for the wider goal of people learning from each other.

Can anyone at Roon shed any light on this, or do you just have to disavow the company from someone who once was a champion of your work and users, but has now become a potential liability? Other Roon groups on FB are fine, but not nearly as comprehensive or active.


For avoidance of doubt, is this the group you are referring to? Doesn’t mention anything about being official and doesn’t sound like it either from their ‘About this group’ information. Four ‘admins’ are listed, but no moderator (I am not a member of this Private group so cannot see ‘inside’).

I think a lot of people can hang out on Facebook. Private, companies like Roon Lab, Lumin & Co. Actually every manufacturer, lover or opponent of Hi-Res products. Not everyone will get their work or moderation perfect there every day, but what does it have to do with our community? I don’t see why I should go to Facebook with my questions about Roon, and I don’t expect the level and helpfulness we have here.

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I joined and left again soon after…didn’t do anything for me.

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The first thing to ask is, if it is officially maintained by Roon staff.

There is a user-created Lumin User Facebook group that is NOT controlled by Lumin.

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Never heard of it before so pretty sure it’s not official. It’s also tiny
220 posts in the last 28 days Vs 17.6k here in the last 30.

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Thanks all for the replies. Interesting to see the low interest/use of the fb group from people here. I had used it because I was already on fb, and the quality of the info was quite good.

Enjoy the music.

The admin of the Roon Users Facebook group just unblocked all the users he kicked out. Good to see him do the right thing.

If you use Facebook regularly, join. Lots of valuable info and ideas

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What’s Facebook?

All joking aside I have never had a Facebook account, but it’s good that people can come together there where they are comfortable and support each other as long as the moderator doesn’t act like a tyrant


I honestly want to know this:
Why use Facebook for Roon discussions when you already have a Roon forum with support from Roon staff? It does not seem like it’d be easy to search for previous discussions and known solutions to common problems.


I was thinking the same Peter.
But some people are happy in there and maybe think they get talked down to on this forum.
There does seem to be a discussion for everything there, and I know people who partake in other ones because they are on Facebook and generally are unofficial.

Thanks for the exchange folks. As I wrote, the FB is just another place to discuss Roon, and there used to be a very helpful problem solving focus to the “Roon Users Group.” If you use FB, try it. If you’re not a FB person and/or this group meets your needs, that’s cool too.

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We have no light to shed. We do not run that group or have any special say in how it is run. Some of our staff are members (I think), but they are just normal users there.

This is where you should be asking your Roon questions not on FB.


Puzzling advice Robert. If someone is curious about learning all they can about Roon (that would be me), why would they limit themselves to one resource? I filter and consider the ideas/suggestions I see here the same way I filter what I read in the various FB groups about Roon. To be sure - having Roon staff here adds considerable value.

If someone chooses not to use FB, that seems to me to be a different thing.

Using FB is up to you.

In my opinion you will be better served in this forum with respect to your Roon questions.

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Don’t trust the company facebook or it’s owner.
Never used it and don’t intend to start.