Roon uses wrong dCS Bartok icon

This one is quite simple. Both your Product Page as well as Roon software (latest version and all) has dCS Bartok icons swapped. The on the left is DAC without AMP (yet the picture shows headphone 6.3mm and 4-Pin XLR) and the one on the right is DAC with AMP, yet the picture is missing.

@support any chance you can swap these two icons in both your product page, as well as in Roon itself? It appears wrong as the automatically recognised icon for the connected device.

Thank you, attaching screenshot for reference.

Hey @pebbles_are_life,

Thanks a whole lot for noticing this and for letting us know about it. I’m checking with our team to see what can be done about it :pray:

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Hello @pebbles_are_life ,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ve just discussed this issue with the team, can you please try to reboot your Roon Core and let us know if it is looking as expected now? Thanks!

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Hi @noris thank you for the quick turnaround, I confirm it is fixed now in Roon software. Worth pointing out though that your dCS partners page still has it swapped (but that I care less about, haha). Thanks again!

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Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll let the team know about the partner’s page!

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