Roon using a lot of CPU when no music playing

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu 22.04
Intel NUC 12th Gen i5-1240P

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Router connected via Ethernet to NUC. QNAP NAS also connected directly to the same router.

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Power Node 2

Number of Tracks in Library

15,000 tracks

Description of Issue

An Intel NUC 12th Generation is a powerful machine. Even when music is not playing the CPU moves from around 10%-50% all the time. In another thread I’ve confirmed that other people don’t see this behaviour. The NUC is therefore using a lot more power and sometimes the fan spins up on the NUC when the power draw is significant.

I’m seeing lots of entries like

I have logged at the log file and can see a few entries but there’s no output indicating that it’s rescanning my database.
I do get these regularly though:
10/27 08:48:04 Info: [stats] 36186mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 620mb Managed, 445 Handles, 144 Threads
10/27 08:48:19 Info: [stats] 36186mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 658mb Managed, 446 Handles, 143 Threads
10/27 08:48:34 Info: [stats] 36354mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 645mb Managed, 446 Handles, 164 Threads
10/27 08:48:49 Info: [stats] 36122mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 606mb Managed, 446 Handles, 136 Threads
10/27 08:49:04 Info: [stats] 36178mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 628mb Managed, 447 Handles, 143 Threads
10/27 08:49:19 Info: [stats] 36242mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 662mb Managed, 447 Handles, 151 Threads
10/27 08:49:34 Info: [stats] 36507mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 698mb Managed, 447 Handles, 183 Threads
10/27 08:49:49 Info: [stats] 36098mb Virtual, 1322mb Physical, 606mb Managed, 446 Handles, 131 Threads

No idea why it’s creating and destroying so many threads when it should be idle. Other processes on the machine work fine.

That’s not my experience. I’ve been running several Roon servers on Ubuntu Server 22.04 on different locations for years on i7-10510U, more recently also on i7-13700. Even playing, < 0.1 load average except for brief bursts (no DSP, no background processing, 30k tracks mostly on local SSD). Servers also run tailscale and syncthing, but nothing else much.

Thanks Fernando.

Yes I’m pleased to hear that it’s working for other people but obviously for me it’s annoying that it’s chewing through CPU when it should be doing very little.

I’m almost tempted to run an strace on it to see what it’s doing but that will only show me system calls which likely won’t give a lot of info.

One difference is that my local tracks (~26K) are on Roon server SSD, not on a NAS. Back in the day (several years ago) I had a NAS for my music (Synology), and there was a lot more traffic & load on the server. I suspect that Roon’s “listening” to the NAS for updates is not cost-free, possibly because SMB/CIFS is a mess of a file service protocol.

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