Roon using iMac as core question

I am using an iMac as a music server and am running Roon on the iMac. I have a external USB drive that stores the music. I guess that iCloud drive was set up on the iMac when I downloaded Roon, and I have no need for iCloud with this iMac as far as I can tell.

I am not using the iMac for anything other than music. If I turn the iCloud drive off a pop up comes up and says anything files etc. that are being used will not be able to be used if you turn this off, or something to that effect. So I turned it off and the Roon icon disappeared along with other icons that were on the desktop.

My question are:

1 - Is there any reason why I would need iCloud to be running in this type of setup? I’m thinking it might work better (sound quality etc.) if I don’t use iCloud drive with a music server.

2 - If I turn the iCloud drive off do I need to re download the Roon software, and if I do will I have to pay for an additional Roon core subscription or will it still recognize that this is the same iMac that Roon was downloaded on before.



Roon does not install or require iDrive.

You can download and install/reinstall Roon as many times as required … however, you can only have one active Roon Core per license at any one time.