Roon v 1.7, build 571: Metadata improver

Since updating my server and control software I’ve had a Metadata ‘red triangle’ error.
I’ve rebooted the server and restarted the control points but the error still occurs. Any advice would be appreciated…

Stop the server and delete Roons cache folder restart. See if that works. You have an Audiostore I believe so you will need to likely expose this to the file share of the server.

Expose the Roon database

Click on Settings → Roon Server

This will give you a checkbox for Expose Roon Database to the file share. Once this is enabled the Roon database will be exposed as a samba file share. You can copy/delete/modify etc from a computer on the local network.

Ah got it - had to go to the Audiostore / Prestige webpage and into the Roon server settings. I knew I had seen it before but took the warning seriously!
Thanks for the help. Problem solved.

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Glad to have helped.

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