Roon v Audirvana

Well, found the Signal Path icon - all that gave me was a picture of the Lyngdorf amp and a link to the User Manual.
But had to stop comparisons today as now I cannot play anything to the Lyngdorf from Audirvana ( it will play directly on the Mac). Roon works ok so must assume the network onwards is fine. Both Roon and AV load files from local library and via Qobuz. AV just will not play any to the Lyngdorf.
The audio output settings for Lyngdorf and Mac are identical although the volume box is greyed out as it ignores UPNP connections as in the Lyngdorf. What gives ??? Sorry, seem to be raising AV issues rather than Roon !

There were loads of issues with uPnP when AV studio came out so it looks like they haven’t been fixed.

Aha, my amp’s UPNP input was set to +6dB input sensitivity. That explains why Audirvana sounded louder ! So, the issue I now have is that, if Roon outputs via RAAT ( whatever that is) , it ignores the Lyngdorf’s input sensitivity setting. Which means I cannot set Roon playback level relative to other inputs ( unless I dial the others down proportionally).
At least now I can realistically compare AV with Roon. Sadly ( isn’t it always the way), each has it’s plus points, e.g.
AV for metadata editing
AV for portrayal of Qobuz playlists
Roon for stability
Roon for music and artist info
AV obeys UPNP settings ( as above)

I find both reasonable interfaces, perhaps Roon has a slight edge.
Ah well, six more days to evaluate . . .

Really the ultimate judge is you, good luck to whatever route you choose and most of all enjoy listening to the music :wink:

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In general, I can not agree with this sentence.
If ISO 532-1: 2017 loudness filters are properly used, the SQ difference with loud and soft playback is practically not noticeable.

It’s not clear to me if you disagree because:

  1. you think the practice of a generation of audio engineers makes the entire industry wrong and that the loudness wars are about something other than the perceived SQ that from “loudness”.

  2. you are nitpicking on some detail of my wording by finding a singular case where loudness can be applied in a way where a method of measuring loudness (ISO 532-1: 2017) is being impacted but SQ is not.

Either way, my statement was in the context of a simple listening test using no special equipment or method, as stated in the first post in this topic.

If it’s purely “in general”, then any discussion about loudness impacting SQ should be taken to a more relevant thread… or are you stating that, when comparing Roon v Audirvana, it’s OK to do so at different loudness?

I’d personally figure out WHY there is a difference in loudness, as that’s the red flag. Something is manipulating the audio.


I didn’t mean to offend you, that was not my intention. I just wanted to point out that the statement “Louder music sounds better” is not true in general.

Yes I did.It is true the Audinirvana is very good in quality due to they give highest priority to Audinirvana above another procceses in the computer.But I my case I did not perceive a clear difference between the two.But I am using ROON in a separate dedicared pc just for this purpose.Both with the end point a LINN streamer.
But how do you say you send Audinirvana to an amplifier Roon ready , it must be a streamer? you need a streamer, unless you are using your pc as streamer .

@francisco_gaston , how do you send Audirvana to the Linn streamer? via UPnP or USB (only on the Klimax DSM/3)?

The reason I asked because I had a problem with UPnP from Audirvana to the Linn streamer the last time I tried, somehow it was not compatible with the Linn UPnP implementation.

Audirvana doesn’t scrobble despite many of their users requesting it. I would never have discovered Roon if they had scrobbled. But I’m so glad it forced my search, Roon not only scrobbles, it’s just better in almost every way.

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I agree louder music by itself does not sound better.

I did using AirPlay from my Mac.
The Linn is Msjik DS.Not top of the game.I use it with an external dac weiss.

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This is all subjective, but in my opinion there is no comparison between Audirvana and Roon, IMO, Roon is in a league of its own.

Audirvana uPnP was flaky when I tried the new version release.
I got static breakup on uPnP regularly. Roon works flawlessly via RAAT.

Roon is way ahead in user-ability, and design.

Audirvana was flaky and had stability issues.
Audirvana also launched in a terrible state, with no IOS app. FAIL.
When the IOS app launched, it would regularly become non responsive.

When I compared the two software’s for sound quality, I ensured both PC’s were connected using the same method, I.e. USB. Both sources sounded identical to me, when connected identically.

On a side note: I did a number of bit perfect tests using my RME ADI 2 dac fs, and Audirvana failed the 24bit test, at the time of testing in my system. In comparison Roon passed every bit perfect test no issue.

Here is the thread I started: RME ADI 2 Bit test on 24 bit WAV files fails - #47 by bitracer - USB DAC - Audirvana

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I use a Cambridge Audio CXN V1 , so not Roon Ready but DLNA/UPnP

I thought Audirvana Studio looked like a decent bet. Being a 3.5 license holder I got a 6 week demo.

During that 6 weeks I didn’t get it to play a single track. The only way was to upsample to 192 , hardly bit perfect.

Still to this day I cannot use AS as is , yes I can upsample but I don’t wish to.

The CXN is hardly an obscure streamer , having won countless awards as best stream in its price range. Alas it goes back into moth balls with an occasional outing with jriver

I would not recommend AS, even the navigation is poor.

Roon has nothing to worry about :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

PS the AS sounded louder in my kit as well, when “turned down” I couldn’t tell the difference between AS, Roon or JRiver.

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On a slightly seperate note, and this may be of interest to you especially if maintaining native sampling rates and bit depth is important to you.

My understanding is the CXNv2 up samples everything internally to 32bit 384Khz….No matter what the player is feed.

There’s many links on the net about this, a few on roon forum too.

So no matter what the unit is feed, it resamples internally. But this doesn’t address the upnp issue you describe.

Yes the upsampling is a long standing feature of CA DAC’s. maybe 10 years +

The digital inputs however can be bypassed. eg a Digital Co-Ax input feeding a Co-Ax output isn’t upsampled.

Its only those signals that are about to be “DAC converted to analogue” are up-sampled.

I use the CXN with an ethernet input and Co-Ax output to my headphone amp , that passes un adjusted so it a “pure streamer” digital in digital out . I feed the 2 phone analogue outputs to a soundbar as well.

Yep exactly.

Plenty of independent tests have shown quite conclusively that there is no audible difference between one bit perfect software player and a other.

My own experience trying audirvana, I tunes with remote and roon backs this up.

I literally can’t take seriously any comment that starts with “x vs x software player, which sounds better”

I’m voting for Roon here because I have not yet been banned from its discussion forum. Audirvana, however, is a different and tragicomic story.


Can you share a link to one such study? Thanks in advance.

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