Roon v1.8-Build 831 (w/ Nucleus+) Scrambles Play Order [resolved: had shuffle on]

I have a Roon Nucleus Plus server.
Problem started after the Roon v1.8 (Build 831) update was done.
I call up an album on Qobuz, the tracks appear in the proper order, but when I select “play now” it places the tracks in the queue in a scrambled order. When I select track number 1 and “play from here” it does the same thing, the order is scrambled in the queue.
This happens regardless of whether I control the server from my Android smartphone or my iPad.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected to my Netgear router via CAT6 cable, no change from before v1.8.

Connected Audio Devices

USB connection to a PS Audio DirectStream DAC, no change from before v1.8.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Sounds like you have the album track shuffle turned on.
This can sometimes become defaulted on after an update.
Look in the play queue, you will see it on top right, see if it is turned on.

Done it myself after an update :sunglasses:


Thank you for that! That’s a feature I’ve never used, I changed the icon and it’s all good now!

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