Roon v2.0 build 1353 - Can't Find Roon Server

Roon Core Machine

Roon v2.0 build 1353, Windows 10 v10.1.19045, Intel NUC 6i5SYB, i5-6260 CPU 1.80 GHz, 16 GB Physical Memory.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

CheckPoint Firewall
All switches are located on the inside of the firewall → the internal network
Netgear Switches for ethernet connections in internal network
CheckPoint Firewall for WiFi on internal network

Connected Audio Devices

Pro-Ject Streamer Stream-Box-S2-Ultra-EN, using Ethernet Connection

Windows 11 v10.0.2261 build 22621 , Surface Pro 9, i5-1235U, 2500 Mhz processor, 8 GB RAM, using both Ethernet and WiFi Conntection. Just updated to same roon build as roon Server - Roon v2.0 build 1353

iPhone 13, iOS v16.6.1, WiFi Connection, roon v2.0.01352 (just manually updated roon app today)

Number of Tracks in Library

25,000 - 30,000 tracks imported

Description of Issue

Have been using roon for 5+ years. I have multiple PCs, streamers, iPhones all working fine and no major problems until today.
Something changed and now I can no longer connect to my roon server on my Surface Pro 9, or my iPhone.
I did not list them above but this is also happening on my other 3 Microsoft PCs as well.

My Windows PC that is running my roon server is working as expected (spec listed above). I can also see my Pro-Ject Streamer and can send music to it from the roon server. It is not affected by whatever has happened.

I can use networking commands and Ping from my PC running the roon server to the Surface Pro 9 and Ping from the Surface Pro 9 to the PC running the roon server. They see each other on the same network, they see the same SAN storage, they are working as expected from a networking perspective to the best of my knowledge my network has not changed and is working properly in every way; except for being unable to connect to the roon server.

We see you rolled out a new build with some big changes and we are concerned that you may have caused an issue for PCs and iPhones.

I have been in the High Tech Sector working in NorCAL for over 30 years. I have a lot of networking and systems experience, I am currently a Systems Analyst, and understand networking and operating systems very well. I have not changed anything on my side here except to manually update my roon installations on my Surface Pro 9 and iPhone 13 to be at the same roon build as my roon server. This manual update was done to eliminate build level issues across devices that play roon.

Please let me know if this is being reported by others, or if I am the only one with this issue, and what you recommend. I am a happy roon user, and am able to provide you with any more information you may need; remote screen sharing, what ever it takes to get this issue corrected.

Thank You
William Tomlinson

Support should really put up a sticky on this as it seems to be happening to a lot of windows users after the recent update!!

RoonAppliance.exe and RoonServer.exe and RAATServer.exe need to be added as exceptions in Windows Firewall. Roon.exe is probably already there.

Worked for me.

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Thank You for the suggested fix, the internal PC Firewall was the issue. After adding the ‘Private’ to the roonappliance.exe everything is working as expected.
Note: the roonappliance.exe ‘Public’ was selected, but the ‘Private’ needed to be added.
Note: the roon.exe was already showing both ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ no need to update.

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