Roon Valence contributions

A friend of mine recently released an EP. I added it to my Roon home library, and there wasn’t any metadata (pics info) inside Valence to fill out the addition. I did the best I could adding some photo stock I found online that he posted in various social medias.

I’d like to let the artist know I’ve added him to this site, and give him the opportunity to fill out some info on his genre, in his own words.

I log into Roon Valence with my own Roon credentials, but: will the artist need to purchase Roon just to add some of his info? Or would a free account suffice? Or, and here’s an idea, does Roon offer promotional accounts to musicians?


We are working on better system for this… the art director project has been hugely successful, and we’d like to introduce more complete pieces of artist metadata here.

That said, Musicbrainz is the right place to fill out the typical info if you really want to get metadata right.


I put a lot of effort into uploading images of artists in November/December.
Why are they still not showing up in my Roon Core?