Roon via Auralic Vega G1 vs Hegel H390

I know this is a very specific ask, but if you don’t ask you don;t get…
My system:
NAS (Synology DS1819+) for music storage
Intel Corei5 NUC running ROON ROCK
Connected via GB ethernet to Auralic Vega G1 DAC and then via XLR to Hegel H390

Connected via Phaser Lush USB to iFI Purifier3 to USB input of Hegel H390

I am trying to determine whether to hang on to the Auralic or to switch to the Hegel’s internal DAC and free up budget for the next project.

I think I can hear a difference, but it is not night and day, which in itself is a major win for the Hegel considering the Auralic is a $3500 DAC.

Have any Hegel 390 owners done similar tests and if so, what were your findings? What did you look for and what was the outcome?

I use a Matrix Audio Element M DAC/Streamer with my H390 and while I love it, I look forward to full Roon integration on the Hegel which according to my email query, is “soon”.

I just prefer the idea of box and the built-in DAC go of the Hegel is very very good…

Yes, I will also revisit the issue when the full Roon Endpoint experience becomes available.