Roon via Deqx hdp-5

Hi. I run Roon via Nuc i3 Roon rock - Deqx hdp-5. After some time i start to hear noise (jitter/dropputs) thats not supose to be. I have all the upgsdes in the Deqx so i belive it is Deqx it self or Roon directly in Deqx thats the problem or what can it be. ? No problem when i use my microRendu version 2.3.

adding @support so they get notified.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi i have ben udring sonore microrendu Winther no problem. Back on DEQX and it still sounds brocken up and full og flaws/ noise blobs. Roon support please help,

@supports i need help please.

Play around with the resync delay. I have a DEQX as well and it is notourisly slow at switching sample rates wich might be the problem. That’s the reason I use upsampling to 96khz so in my case it never has to switch sampling rates.

Thankyou. Right now it won’t even play. Transport faild to open the audio device. Ahh ist a bit up Hill makeing Deqx “Roonable” :-/ but i hope it Will work some time. Is it for better qualtiy or simply to avoid problems ?


Please submit a support request at i’m sure we can resolve this issue.