… so, I have zero interest in computing or internet configuration, but I love my music and Roon - so I subscribed for lifetime to Roon and feel I ˋ m getting there (step by step)… one question bugs me though… I have trouble with connectivity (loosing connection to core) and loading songs from storage and tidal (only when using Roon and not so with Lightning DS App)… I am convinced this is a user problem - as I am PC stupid.

I think I have learned that going wired via ethernet is the better way to connect.

From what I understand there are 3 devices needing to communicate - the core (+ attached storage) the streaming transport and the controlling device (iPad or iPhone).

All devices communicate via the router (right?).

But core and streaming transport only have one Ethernet port.

… so I can not connect the core to the router and the streamer at the same time - as I would need 2 Ethernet ports…

… question is - between which devices do I use the wired connection - core and router or core and streamer or streamer and router? Logic would suggest to connect everything with everything - but this would imply 2 Ethernet ports on the core and the streamer…

Core machine connected to an Ethernet port, either on the router or via a switch. Streamer, or what Roon calls an endpoint, connected to another port, either on router or a switch (a different switch or the same switch). Switches are hung off other switches or off the router.

Remote, which runs on a iOS or an Andriod tablet/phone, communicates wirelessly.

All these functions, core/endpoint/remote, are available where your Roon software is running.
Endpoint, as well as Remote, is available from iOS or Android devices.

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Great - thanx. So if I have enough ports on the router (I think I do) connecting core machine via ethernet cable to router and streamer/endpoint via ethernet cable to router is the way to go - correct? Not core to streamer/endpoint…

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Some people actually do this thinking it improves SQ. Completely outside of design spec, even according to designer.

The conventional and accepted way to connect is the way I told you, IMO.

Have fun.

BTW - IF you don’t have enough router ports, that’s when you need a switch connected to router to add more ports.

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Hey @Christoph_Longree — Thanks for reaching out!

As @xxx has suggested, the optimal solution is to connect both the Core machine and your endpoint to the router via Ethernet. We have a newly added article in our Knowledge Base that goes over our suggested best practices for setting up your network — I definitely recommend checking that out.

If you have any other questions about setting up your network please let us know! We are always happy to help.



Your router is your network communication hub. It makes sure your devices can communicate with each other and the internet.

Simply put, all devices must connect to it via wireless or ethernet one way or another.

As I mentioned in the other thread, start with plugging your new nucleus right into your router via ethernet and leaving your aries wifi as you have it now. This change alone might be enough to solve your current issues. If it doesn’t also plugging the aries into your router via ethernet, certainly will.

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Thanx a lot guys - this Place is really friendly and helpful - I enjoy it mucho :+1: