Roon volume changing to maximum on it’s own overnight

Mac os core latest versions of everything with all updates and dutch dutch 8c speakers.

Last night before i went to bed i was listening to this track around middle volume. I paused and went to bed. This morning when i got up roon is at maximum volume (even beyond my safety limit which requires clicking the plus icon). I now know to check volume first because i have woken the whole family by clicking play and having the music come out at max.

Another bug is that i adjusted the slider down and then clicked play, but roon resumed at the volume level i last used last night - Not at the volume level i just set the slider to!

@support @martijn_mensink

Hi @Zeki_Mustafa ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the difficulties here, this does not sound like a pleasant experience at all to go through. I have a few clarification questions:

  1. Do you have any Roon extensions active, such as Logitech Harmony or some other type of volume control?

  2. Did you only notice the issue on the 8C zone or was this occurring for all zones in Roon?

  3. What does the rest of your Roon setup look like?

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### Networking Gear & Setup Details
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  1. If the issue occurs again, can you please note the time + date + track impacted and use these instructions to upload a set of Roon logs to our drive?


  1. no
  2. i only use one zone in roon, the 8c
  3. mac imac with monterey os latest version, 4ghz quad core, 32gb ram

Core is connected by ethernet to wifi router - have tried 2 different wifi routers. Roon remote is used on mac os and ios all latest versions of everything

My library is 9600 tracks all from qobuz.

Hi @Zeki_Mustafa ,

Have you noticed this issue occur since your post? I noticed you uploaded a log set, but I didn’t see any rapid volume changes in the recent logs. Please check your firmware on the 8Cs and if you notice the issue, any additional info you can provide (the track playing / time of occurrence, or when you noticed) would help, thanks!

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