ROON volume control locks my Linn Selekt Edition

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When I use Roon to change the volume om my Linn Selekt Edition, my Selekt and Roon sometimes loose contact, and music stops. I have now turned off the volume control in Roon and everything works great. This is not at big problem for me, but you should know about it.


Hello @Torgeir_Jacobsen ,

Thanks for the report here. Just to make sure I understand you correctly here, is this when outputting to the Linn via Roon Ready or via Airplay? Can you reproduce the issue and let us know the exact local time + date + track when you experience it next? Once we have this info we will enable diagnostics mode for your account to see if the logging can provide further clues.

I am outputting to my Linn Selekt Edition via Roon Ready at max bitrate. When volume control is set to Fixed volume in Roon. It works perfectly… well almost.

Roon loose contact with my Selekt whenever the stream of adjusting signals get to high, like quickly adjusting the volume several steps, or next song several times in a very short time.

What I have learned since ny first post, is that if I just leave it for a minute, the connection will be back automatically. I do not need to reset anything.

I do not know what you have done, or even if you have done anything, still the problem is gone. I have turned on device volume again, turn the volume up and down extensively, and everything works fine… so far.


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Hey @Torgeir_Jacobsen ,

I haven’t done anything on my end, but I’m glad that the issue is resolved!

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