Roon Volume Control - No DSP on Naim Streamer?

With my old Classé preamp, I had three options for Volume Control under Device Setup:

  1. Device Volume
  2. DSP (roon 64 bit floating point volume)
  3. Fixed Volume

With my new Naim streamer (roon ready NDX 2), the second option is gone… Why is this? Option 2 is internal to the roon software, and the NDX2 doesn’t or shouldn’t know whether the PCM stream it’s receiving has been modified or not. So why has the option been disabled? I’d like to try it to compare with the NDX2’s own internal volume control…

Anyone know? Thanks in advance!!

It might have something to do with the new device being a roon certified device and so it “knows” about the device doing volume control.

That’s what I’m guessing too, but find the idea that a feature I paid for with my lifetime subscription to Roon, would be disabled at the request of a 3rd party piece of hardware if that is the case…

Not sure I understand your point or problem? Could you expand a little?

I would like to use Roon’s internal software DSP volume control. This was possible with previous preamps, but not the Naim streamer. I’m trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong, or if the “roon ready” designation allows a manufacturer to disable features in roon (like DSP volume control) that it doesn’t want you using.

OK. Got you now, just had a look at my set up and it’s the same for my Naim Atom. I guess Naim think they know better and we shouldn’t have spent all that money on Naim kit if we think someone else can do it better :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about… Would like to make that decision for myself though…

I believe Naim recommend not to use the volume in their streamers and use it as fixed volume as it’s a digital volume really designed for airplay and can deteriorate the sq. They really designed to be used with a Naim preamp. So I imagine RAAT bypasses this as this is how Naim have implemented it to maintain maximum SQ

The device volume is still there it’s the DSP that’s gone. :blush:

Device volume is always there even if it’s 100% I did read the post. :slight_smile:

But it’s upto the manufacturers to make the volume options available to Roon. They don’t have to if they don’t want to I guess and Naim are a tad fussy on things meddling with their sound signature.

Nothing to do with Roon Ready as such … if any connected endpoint advertises to Roon via the interface (RAAT or USB) that it has internal volume control then Roon will defer volume control to the device and thus does not offer Roon DSP volume control.

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This is a shame, I’d like to compare the two. Naim want to sell me a $20k NAC252 preamp, which gives them an incentive to not do internal volume as well as possible in their DAC.

Roon doesn’t have this conflict of interest, so I’d like to see how well I can do with Digital Volume Control. In any case, why not let me decide for myself with the products and software I own?

Sorry Simon, I’m not referring to the volume in the DAC, but in the roon software before the PCM is sent to the DAC. This has nothing to do with the endpoint, and everything to do with roon.