Roon Volume control on Mytek Liberty and SOtM SMS-200

Hi there,

Just replaced my Oppo 105 with a lovely Mytek Liberty DAC (wich unfortunately does not seem to be certified by Roon). My endpoint is a SOtM SMS-200 and ever since i hooked up the Mytek I can’t seem to control the playback volume from Roon.

Tried everything but volume control on the SOtM remains fixed.


Suggest you show the Audio setting for the Mytek SOtM devices. Detail your OS on Core and Remote too.

The SOtM itself has no volume control ability.
Still you should be able to enable the DAC volume control in the SOtM settings in Roon.
(I’m in the office so can’t send a screenshot, sorry.)

Got it to work. It was painfully simple. Just needed to enable software volume on my SOtM’s Roon preferences.

All is working great!


By chance can you play DSD files and still have (software) volume control?

No. According to SOtM support (very helpful peeps btw) the only way to play native DSD files is to set the volume mode to FIXED VOLUME on the Roon config on the SMS-200.

I wonder if on other network streamers like the microRendu or the DigiOne you also have to sacrifice software volume control in order to play DSD files.

The reason for me asking, I have an Auralic Altair and they require volume set to maximum in order to play DSD through the digital output. Must be a technology limitation in general.