ROON Volume Control

Hi everyone. Please suggest me best solution to set a volume control for my system. I was bought Denafrips Ares II Dac (doesn’t volume control unfortunately) and i must set volume Roon control volume or HqPlayer. What will be the best solution with my system now? MacBook Pro Retina, Denafrips Ares II, Sveda Audio Blipo Home active monitors. I wait for your opinion. THANKS :slight_smile:

I don’t know how the roon volume works, but Hqp’s is a 64bit floating point
therefore it can be used without loss of resolution.
congratulations for ares II, I am undecided whether to take it too … using HQP and oversampling everything with a PC … it is definitely a good companion of the software player :+1:

Thanks mate, Ares II sound very good. Can you tell me how sets the volume control in HqPlayer and do the best settings in program?

do you use hqp desktop?
if yes, the volume is on the right of the screen …
try from halfway onwards, following your sound pressure tastes
the important thing is never to go to 0db but to -3 or -4 db as a maximum.
in this way a probable digital clipping is avoided.
however, not knowing how roon works, we await a technical suggestion on how to handle the volume.

what upsampling settings with HqPlayerDesktop in Roon system you recommend? I don’t know the program so well.

I use this setup …
but i don’t know if your retina macbook supports such settting.