Roon-volume controllable DACs, a list?

This is quite an obscure request but can anyone recommend a DAC for which Roon can control the volume bit perfectly?

Betters still maybe it would be good to compile a list of DACs compatible with Roon and they’re capababilities for easy cross referencing:-)

I have a couple of DACs (IFI Nano and Chord Mojo) which work well with Roon but for both of which volume control remotely, bit perfectly, via Roon is not possible. My KEF X300A’s by contrast is fully controllable bit perfectly with Roon. To cut a long story short, I would really like to get a good (fairly low budget) DAC with remote volume control, basically :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I’m interested in this too. I guess Bluesound Node 2 and Mytek Brooklyn can be controled from Roon with bit perfect volume.

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PS Audio Directstream

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This may be a good start for USB DACs. Refer to the “USB Volume” column and other details:

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Cool. thanks for that Sean. Im looking at a low budget option to get going in the living Room. The Audioquest range might just do it :slight_smile:

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@Sallah_48 Thanks for starting this thread - have you found such a list anywhere? I have not been able to. The list that dabassgoesboomboom shared seems to no longer exist at that link.

I can add that the Mola Mola Tambaqui has a digital volume control that sounds as good as an active gain/attenuation stage internally, and can be perfectly controlled by Roon when the Tambaqui is connected by Ethernet and it’s RAAT client.

I’m wondering if the Makua can also be similarly volume-controlled when it has the DAC board installed and connected via Ethernet and RAAT client. This information is not readily available anywhere.


Yes, the Makua + DAC board + streaming board is fully controllable via roon. You can control the volume. The unit’s volume knob even motors round to the position requested.

I own one. So am sure of this.

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If you are looking to remote control the volume from the Roon App then you can do this in the Roon settings by going to the device setup window for the DAC and then changing the “Volume Control” setting at the bottom from the default “Device volume” to “DSP volume”.