ROON volume indicator number doesn't hold position [Ticket open]

Hi All,
Forgive me if this has been discussed.
I’ve discovered some strange behavior with ROON volume control on both the iPad and iPhone. The volume number indicator doesn’t hold for certain numbers. Volume works fine if it is controlling an end point. But if it is controlling the volume on the iPad or iPhone as an end point they both exhibit the same behavior. I can reproduce this if it is using the built-in speakers, on headphones, or on headphones with Audioquest Dragonfly attached as a DAC.

See the video I posted. Watch as I try to hold the volume on #11 but it reverts back to #10, #21 but it reverts back to #20, #32 back to #31


Has anyone else been able to reproduce this?

Thanks for the report @Jason, the feedback is appreciated!

I have placed a feedback request with our tech team to see if they are noticing this behavior with any of the IOS device we have available in our QA lab. Once they have updated my request with their findings I will be sure to follow up with you in a timely manor.


Hi Eric,
Thanks for looking into this. Keep me posted on what the techs find.


Hi @Jason ----- Thank you for your patience here.

To offer a quick update. Our tech team was able to reproduce this behavior on their IOS device and have issues a ticket for our DEV team evaluate.

While I can not comment on when this will be addressed I can assure you that it is on our radar :microscope:


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Thanks Eric.