Roon volume leveling and HQP volume

If I “need” to use volume leveling in Roon, is there any reason why I should still use recommended -3db max volume in HQPlayer when resampling? As long as Roon DSP lowers the signal enough there’s no risk of inter-sample overs and HQP volume can be bypassed, right ?

Does Roon guarantee that the peaks in output data don’t exceed -3 dBFS? Volume leveling itself is not related to inter-sample overs.

What if you use the headroom management function instead in Roon? Could you then decrease the setting in HQ player back to zero?

Good point Douglasmaurer, I totally forgot Roon’s headroom management. Volume leveling with headroom management will do the trick. I guess it could be done with just volume leveling to a degree, but it’s safer to do it in combination with headroom management.

Is there any point doing it in Roon rather than HQP is another question…

Not really, there is no benefit in setting HQPlayer volume to 0 dB compared using -3 dB or something else. There is no “volume bypass” as such in HQPlayer.

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