Roon volume limit controls?

Hi all,

I’ve found in some cases (especially with low recordings) that I’d like to boost the volume a bit.
I have my Roon player hooked up to an RME ADI-2 and often find that I just need to turn the dial up to 11, clipping or not.

Searching around the internet I found some posts such as this one:

But this option no longer seems present in the new version (or was possibly moved to another place?)

Is this still an option somehow, or am I going to have to invest in a good amp?

I can still see its options in Zone Settings (speaker symbol bottom right, then hit the cog wheel).

Update: As it’s unclear however what feature you are asking about (thread title: volume limits, OP: volume leveling), the documentation for volume limits may no longer accurately reflect the current state.

You can access the volume limit settings from the same screen now (Zone Settings) that also features the volume leveling settings (look at the bottom).

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Hi @Jort_Cenens,

Thank you for awaiting an official response from Roon. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

I can confirm that @BlackJack has given you the right information to achieve your goals (assuming we both understood the issue properly). Can you drop us a line and let us know?


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