Roon volume settings with hqplayer

@jussi_laako or anyone else, is it recommended to set Roon’s volume to fixed or device with hqplayer?


Depends if you want to use the volume. When you use Roon with HQPlayer, Roon’s volume control controls HQPlayer’s volume setting. If you set HQPlayer’s volume to fixed value, it disables the volume control also at Roon side.

I was thinking more in terms of within Roon. To set to “Fixed” or “Device” for the HQP zone?

I have never touched it, I guess it defaults to “Device” and thus reflects the HQPlayer settings. Which is probably best approach.

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Jussi. I was bought Ares II without volume control. How sets a Roon and hqplayer desktop to best volume configuration? Second question is what will be the best OS settings in hqplayer for Ares II?