Roon VPN connection voodoo

the other day I had a magical experience with Roon on the network. The following scenario: Macbook and iPhone in the office. At home, the Roon core on my synology. Tailscale is installed and configured on all devices. I can access the Synology on the road using VPN (Wireguard).
On the iPhone, I can listen to music with Roon ARC in this scenario.
Now comes the magic: I have Roon open on the Macbook while at the office and I can see live and in color in the history what I am listening to simultaneously via Roon ARC. I could even move through my library with Roon as if I were at home. And, here’s where it gets spooky: I can select the audio output devices I have set up at home - and only those. I can’t select the Macbook’s speakers or connected headphones.
Why is it even possible to access Roon via a VPN connection? It only succeeded this one time. In other words: What must happen that this connection always succeeds?

Interesting. I’m using Nord VPN’s Meshnet and while it does get me ARC working Roon Remote doesn’t connect.

Nothing spooky about that. The VPN creates a virtual network that lets you access the home LAN from the Macbook when the VPN software is running on the Macbook. Network connections from your Macbook are then essentially in the home LAN, but your Macbook’s hardware is not.

Essentially because this is what VPNs are for, access the home LAN remotely as if you were there.

Make sure that the VPN software is running on your MacBook. Else I don’t know, the Tailscale configuration must be correct. Many people use it like this but I don’t, so not sure.

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@Suedkiez Thanks for moving my post into this category.

It is no miracle to connect Roon ARC to the Roon Core via VPN.
What makes me wonder is that I could connect Roon on my Mac to the core via VPN — Roonlabs told it wouldn‘t support that. I made it happen once but never again. And I have no clue what I should do to make it work again. :thinking:

Roonlabs doesn’t support it, but many users use it this way. It requires some tinkering :wink:

Yes, that‘s why this thread is in the „Tinkering“ category. :blush:

I was able to connect to my roon server over VPN today unexpectedly. I was playing with Tailscale recently and tried the iMac on which its running as an exit node. Today, I opened Roon at my office, and the iMac server appeared. I was able to connect and select both my local maching and connected DAC, or, my speakers configured for home. It would be nice if this continues to work.

It wont stay it never does, i think when it does work its because it previously was connected and on the local network and when moving off to VPN for some reason it doesnt refresh until it uses a new port, RAAT uses random ports and when it does it fails to detect an open one. Could be wrong but the fact it works randomly could explain it?