Roon vs. ARC poll

Hi. Yet another poll. I’m just curious how many of you:

(Please read end for an extra option.)

  • Are using only Roon classic features (those available in 1.8) after upgrading to 2.0;
  • Are using primarily Roon classic features; ARC once in a while;
  • Are using primarily ARC;
  • Haven’t bothered upgrading to Roon 2.0 but will someday and find out what the hullabaloo is about; and
  • Plan to stay on good old 1.8; hell with 2.0

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One more option (because I can’t change the original poll):

Are using both Roon 2.0 and Arc extensively?

Please choose that in a comment if you fall in that category.

One quick note: I started this poll because I’m genuinely interested in how much ARC has changed people’s listening behavior. Especially since it requires some tinkering with the network etc. This poll is NOT meant to prove any point about whether ARC is useful, any good, one should stay with 1.8 etc etc. I’m not interested in those discussions.


Don’t want to sound picky, but I think you are missing one option in the poll: “Are you both using Roon 2.0 and Arc extensively?”, which btw it’s my case :slight_smile:


Same here.

I picked “Are using primarily Roon classic features; ARC once in a while;” because I had to choose :sweat_smile:


I agree, I use 2.0 when I am home and ARC whenever I am away from home.


Yep, same here, you are skewing the results from the start if you don’t include the requested additional question.

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here 2

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None of the above.

Yet another biased poll. Not including all possible answers, as pointed out already, creates bias. If you are unsure of all the options, you could add “other” as a choice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t want to have a biased poll.

Unfortunately I can’t change the poll after the first five minutes. Oh well. But I’ve edited the OP to ask people to make a comment if they do fall in that category.

My apologies.


Are using both Roon 2.0 and Arc extensively

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Might be worth deleting the post and creating a new poll with the additional questions it there.

A lot of us are using both options equally


I appreciate the spirit behind this poll but polls like this are biased by several factors. The number of total Roon users participating in the poll, bias of the questions which has been pointed out, plus interpretation of the terms primarily, extensively etc. Roon Labs likely has the actual data which would include the number of hours used.

I dismissed ARC initially as something I would not use. However, I am a convert now.

Advantages (IMHO):

  1. Your curated library anywhere, including your own local albums which might not be available on streaming services
  2. Your own curated playlists
  3. Ability to add/remove albums on the go
  4. Sound quality is top notch
  5. Ability to know what I own - Oftentimes I would be away from home and would decide I would like to own something either as a download or buy a CD at a shop. I have enough music that I don’t necessarily remember what I own to be honest

And now an incredible feature both at home and away:

  1. I am in the process of adding a “Vinyl” tag to albums that I also own on vinyl. Once I am done I can:
  • See within Roon all of my vinyl records at home, search, and get the benefit of all the info Roon provides - Just go to the Albums tab and Focus by the Vinyl tag - fabulous
  • Know what I own so I don’t buy a record yet one more time at a shop (I have done this multiple times - call me stupid)
  • I will consider adding another tag indicating the physical location of that vinyl record at home (I just blew your mind didn’t I?) And you could do the same with your CDs (blew your mind again you say???)
  • When you go out record shopping, you can have a list of records you’re looking for (tag with “Vinyl I Must Have”)! Call me stupid again but I blank out at record shops

Are using both Roon 2.0 and Arc extensively

No looking back :sunglasses:


Do you use in home or when you’re out? I have no need of a travelling library so cannot see the value for me personally.

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Only when away. At home I use a 12.9" iPad with the standard Roon client.

I work in an office all day. Also when I travel or go out record shopping.

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I am in this category as well. I am one of those who thought I would not use a product such as ARC - but I now use it almost every day.

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Vote for this.

Roon 2.0 at home, ARC when not


@Shankha_Mitra , I gotta say I’m stumped with the Roon Community. When Roon asked us to Beta test ARC (before Roon 2.0), the group quickly turned “ARC” into “What should Roon name it?”. Not only didn’t Roon ask us what to name it, they even provided links to their marketing adverts for us to see. Did any one Community member think our job was to rename ARC… or to test it, like we were asked?

When Roon changed the ARC rollout to Roon 2.0, countless members of this Community started posting “I want to stay at Roon 1.8” before we ever saw Roon 2.0. Did the Community members really think Roon was going to dump their investment in 2.0, much less ARC, and their advertising campaign?

Am I the only one that wonder’s about the (endless) counterproductive posts concerning Roon’s ability to run a business, vs Roon’s interest in our opinions? ARC is a huge success… Even the subscribers I know that said they “have no use for ARC” now love ARC.

I vote “To hell with this poll”. Roon, please keep up the incredible work building the world’s best streaming solution, and don’t look back.


yes I use both…but Roon and Roon ARC are very different applications ARC is only for mobile use (currently) so I dont get the point of the question/poll

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