Roon vs Audirvana library

Hi. I see how different Roon and Audirvana uses EXACTLY the same data, see screenshot. My files are all in a folder called RoonMusicFilesSeagate, and Roon labels the artist as UnknownArtist, whereas Audirvana labels the artist as RoonMusicFilesSeagate. Whys is this so? I will post this on the Audirvana Forum too.

These are WAV files, and this format contains no metadata. Neither Roon nor Audirvana know the artist and recording, so are basing the information on the folder / file names / audio analysis.

It would seem that Audirvana uses the parent folder as the artist in these circumstances, e.g., files. In contrast, Roon attempts to match using file analysis, and if this is unsuccessful, the artist is unknown, and the release marked as such for manual intervention.

Hi Martin

Thanks. Yes that seems to be the reason. I just thought I could get some software to adjust names of the album also, when it could retrieve the album art.
Could save me some time typing the Artist names… Thanks guys

Your best option is to convert the WAV files to FLAC, and then use a tag editor to populate the tags based on a combination of MusicBrainz, Discogs etc. Roon should identify the albums if they are properly tagged. There’s really no benefit using WAV these days.

I have used dbpoweramp to convert to flac and if you have the information in the file Mp3tag (Windows) to import the metadata back into the files.

This has worked great for me, and might be worth trying it.

Sorry a bit late

You could try SongKong to populate metadata automagically from MusicBrainz if you convert to FLAC

Hi, wav does support ID3 metadata AND Roon can read it, you dont have to convert your songs to Flac, just use a tagger that can write to wav (such as SongKong)