Roon vs. Audirvana

The Roon journey I’ve been on over the last few days led me last night to Audirvana.

It has for me (and my case may be unusual) the killer feature of finding my AVR on the network via UPnP and identifying that the DAC can handle 192/24.

Seamless, hi-res, gapless, cover art, on-screen confirmation of bit rate, plenty of filters and what not if I want to mess around and no need for any expensive or limited endpoints in the signal path.

And of course a much cheaper option.

Right now I have Crime Of The Century streaming perfectly at 192/24.

I assume Roon don’t do this for a good reason (RAAT?) but my what a feature. Probably enough for me to go with Audirvana over Roon as all my other zones are relatively low fidelity so using Google Assistant with Spotify is easier, bit-rate isn’t the limiting factor on quality and I don’t have the same playback issues with groups that I do with Roon.

Now I just have to decide, Qobuz or Tidal?

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I couldn’t run away from Audirvana fast enough. It has a terrible UI that Roon just destroys. In fact, you couldn’t pay me to use Audirvana now. I used it for over a year and hated it. I still kick myself for not switching to Roon sooner.

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Yes, it’s nasty. But my main use case is listening to music not looking at my screen. Being able to directly address the DAC in my AVR at its max resolution is a major draw.


Even as a lifetime Roon member I still have to rely on Audirvana on a weekly basis sadly (sadly but also happy Audirvana exists). With new releases each week, Roon can have a 40 hour delay for Tidal albums showing up in Roon.

The explanation for the (up to) 40 hour delay is here:

Audirvana has Tidal albums available as quickly as the Tidal Desktop app, so I use that each weekend to listen to new releases, playing to my UPnP renderers (endpoints) over the network.

While the Roon UI does destroy it, I’m happy Audirvana exists. It covers this Roon gap that pops it’s head up every week (Friday to Sunday) for me.

Audirvana works well and is cheap - no complaints at all.

I’m a Roon user since 2017 but after the 1.6 upgrade I looked back at Audirvana and actually start to appreciate the simplicity of it’s UI again. I don’t hate it at all.
It’s a super fast, very simple UI and if you just want to listen to music it does all I need and it does it very well.
I’ve been using it a lot these past few weeks.

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Digging around a bit it seems an overdue UI overhaul is in the works. Beta mid-late Feb so hopefully that’ll address some of the ugly.

among some reasons Qobuz let you purchase music .Tidal is only streaming.
Quality wise Qobuz is known for high quality but MQA Masters are not that bad so don’t choice …do like i do use both !!!
i am from France so Tidal is great for american music and Qobuz more for latin and classical …i use Roon and Audirvana too …choosing is boring …but i do not spend any money with cigarettes …


I like the way you look at life as it put a smile on my face. John from Jersey as in the US.

Audirvana has upgrade their UI to version 3.5 and it’s awesome ! Roon has a good competitor now UI speaking.


I’ve been trying Audirvana for the first time in the past couple days. It sounds great, better than Roon I think. Cannot identify precisely what the difference is and do not much like descriptions like “airy” or “warm”. Agree w/many others that Roon’s UI is much better. But then, Audirvana is much less inexpensive.

I wonder if Roon would take on a similar sound signature when played through a NAA (network bridge) such as one of the Sonore rendu products.

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