Roon vs Lumin app SQ

I read the similar recent post referring to the Lumin T2, since mine is not a T2 I decided to start a new thread as I don’t think it matters which streamer by lumin you have it’s the lumin app that’s the topic of interest. My assumption could be proven wrong, maybe different models react differently with the app? I have an Lumin S1

I extensively tested Roon vs Lumin app and my findings for my system is no difference or splitting hairs for any noticeable difference if any. When I began the testing it seemed obvious that the Lumin app was sounding better, but soon realized that the volume output is significantly greater from the Lumin app which obviously makes it seem fuller sounding. I was able to balance the output as best I could by using the output meters on my amp playing the same song matching as close as possible. To make matters worse the variance is non linear, can vary with different music, and can vary as the associated equipment warms up, etc… Key is pay attention to the output to equalize volume for an accurate comparison. I have my Lumin S1 direct to MC452 amp optimizing leedh volume in roon and the app.

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If there is a volume difference, something is wrong.

Please post your a screen capture of your Roon signal path.

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Something seems awfully skewed here!

If it’s different from song to song, it might be due to volume leveling being set inadvertantly in one setup.

If it changes while equipment warms up I’d recommend getting it inspected and repaired, since that’s clearly not normal.

The variance between songs may not have been accurate but definitely there was a difference at different times of the day but it does look like I got volume leveling on in roon but I don’t really think that’s gonna change results as i assured the output was the same as possible In my listening test. i could be wrong on the effects of roon volume leveling?

that’s a good one. no everything is working properly. probably roon leveling. but to be clear using the same song on the two different output sources it did vary at different times of the day.

I turned the room leveling off that sure doe make the comparison so much easier not having to adjust the volume but I’m coming up with the same results any differences I think it’s psychosomatic I’m expecting the LUMIN to sound a little better because of other people that have posted that but I don’t think there’s much difference if any. not knocking lumin app at all just reporting my impressions from significant listening test. ymmv

I was the T2 thread opener - maybe it is psychoacoustic - however I did / do not think it is related to Lumin - there are posts with similar observations in other Roon Audio Gear Talk sections re different hardware / brands

yes i’m definitely not trying to discount anyone else’s experience. with my set up and gear that’s the results that I found and thought i’d share them. i’m definitely a lumin fan.

This is because you’re applying volume leveling in Roon, see the -3.3dB in your screenshot.

If you want to do A/B comparison between Roon and Lumin app, you have to turn off Roon volume leveling.

Your Lumin volume at 10 is very low, your playback chain may have too much gain. You can try using the S1 RCA output instead of XLR output. If you’re using an active preamp, you may try bypassing it.

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already turned off volume leveling and experienced the same results in my system. i much appreciate the software updates lumin provides to lumin owners. thank you

Equally as many with same hardware that don’t hear any differences between Roon and native streaming. I’m one that’s never heard a difference on my Naim system where others have said they do. Unless there a 100% volume matched and you can seamlresly switch between each one whilst playing then really all bets are off as audible memory isn’t really reliable enough to win either argument.

Agreed, if you have to strain to hear the difference it’s probably not really appreciable. Certainly, in my case not worth using the Lumin app vs Roon. No disrespect to Lumin, but I don’t think anyone would dispute the superior user interface with Roon. If SQ was noticeably superior in my system I would most definitely use both.

To add one perspective from a 3-system owner with X1, U1 Mini and dCS Rossini, I do begrudgingly find that the Lumin app sound is significantly better on our highest resolution system when level matched. The X1 is so strong it replaced the Rossini in our ‘reference’ system even just Roon vs Roon, and it takes another notch up with the Lumin app. This annoys me as I do strongly prefer the Roon interface, but when I’m doing my most critical listening I always break out the Lumin app.

At the level of my office system with U1 Mini → Mutec → Genelec 8341’s I am not able to hear a difference between Roon and Lumin playback (it sounds wonderful overall, just can’t discern that difference).


Yes, I am sure system dependent as is the case most the time in this Hi-Fi endeavor. I’ve heard great things about the X1. Looking forward to that upgrade one day, maybe if bitcoin reaches $100k :wink:

That comment aged like milk

Have you experimented with Lumin’s Roon Only mode?

Have you experimented with Lumin’s Roon Only mode?

I hadn’t heard of it until now, need to give it a try! Thanks for reviving this thread. Will post here with my observations after I get a chance to try it out.

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Peter has detailed instructions here:

Roon only mode greatly improves the sound quality. Worth a try. :+1:

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