Roon vs Plex - a serious discussion

in Material Skin, click the 3 dots upper right hand side. Then “settings” then “interface”, then scroll down to home screen items. Then click settings icon next to “my music” item. Then “tick” the boxes for music folder and disks and folders. Then these will show up in your browser menu under “my music” just like artists, albums, etc.


Thanks, I really appreciate this! Yes, the icon next to My Music… Maybe it’s me, but this interface feels a bit like a quest game.
This morning, after my computer came back from sleep, the music wouldn’t play. Restarting LMS didn’t fix it; I had to also restart the Pi. It seems there are a few rough edges. Right now, the server runs on my desktop, but I plan to move it to the always-on machine running my Roon core, so it may be a non-issue.

I don’t feel comfortable spending much time talking about LMS on Roon’s forum. But I can say I never have any LMS issues, running it on rPi4 or rPi3B with attached USB holding my music, feeding multiple synched players. I’ve run this setup maybe 3 years. But I’ve also had no issues running LMS on some box for 15+ years. Server typically runs 24/7 for months at a time, only rebooting for updates. Except at my weekend home I powerdown when leaving.

Powering off rPi causes no problem. When restarting, it all works in about a minute or so, with no intervention from me. Do note that if you run LMS on the rPi, you should do a graceful rPi shutdown from the piCorePlayer webGUI main page.

I ran it for years no issues. I only switched to Roon due to how it worked with streaming and local and it had one app that worked for both iOS and Android. They didn’t have material skin then, but I still think it’s limited and could not go back to use it everyday unless I had to.

The only thing I’d miss in Roon would be DSP, but now I get folder navigation and VU-meters :slight_smile: It’s a fair trade for now, as I don’t have a dedicated listening room. I saw there is support for volume leveling and EQ, so it’s not that bad.

Apologies for the diversion. I would think that’s ok though, considering this thread is about Plex.

No problem. I just don’t think it is appropriate for this to turn into a support thread for a competitor. But all good.

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Oh joy! The internet is such a safe place.

I got the email… I never reuse my passwords and they are completely random, so even if they cracked it, they would only be able to access my Plex profile. My email is already compromised, judging by the amount of spam I get every day. Apart from that, there’s nothing there really. I wonder if Roon’s turn is coming - if it hasn’t happened already.

No email about being compromised. My account is on my spam email and password is not reused.

Yes, good point, Plex does appear to have 10 times the user base of Roon.

JRiver was hacked sometime last year as well , they simply mailed users to change passwords. I have had no comeback from that . I always pay with PayPal

I had been using Plex alongside Roon to make my local library of music available when away from home. It was missing all the great Roon metadata of course, and my Qobuz streaming files were not available as they are in Roon.

As of today with Roon 2.0, I think I don’t need Plex for that purpose, as it looks like Roon ARC is a great solution which will stream the integrated Roon and Qobuz/Tidal with full metadata/artwork etc. Huzzah!

I will still use Plex for my movie and video collection. It is great for that stuff. Not so good for music though.


I’m slightly confused because I’ve been using Plex and Plexamp despite the settings telling me my network can’t be reached due to double NAT. When I tried to use ARC I get told I have a double NAT and there’s no way it can work!

So in the same conditions Plex works and ARC doesn’t.

I love roon for my music because of the easy of play and rich metadata experience (which is why the Internet requirement in 2.0 has been so unsettling and why I am on legacy). I use Plex for movies and videos. However, I also use it with PlexAmp which is more or less what Arc will be in a few months after the early bugs and quirks get worked out. I also use Plex to stream podcasts which I gather using a podcast catcher. I would hate to have a single app like the bloated jriver that tries to do everything for everyone with a terse unattractive interface.

Andy maybe you have Nat rules for PlexAmp on both routers. I have a few friends who have done that

The Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) is imposed by my ISP. I don’t have the ability to set NAT rules on that ‘router’. There is however a method that can be employed by software (PCP) which can equate a port on the CGNAT address to a port on my network. That is out of my hands but maybe this is being done in the background and Roon is not leveraging this because it applies a relatively simple check to establish that the public and internal ips are different and doesn’t try to route traffic. Where Plex says it won’t work but goes ahead and tries anyway and it works!

CGNat is a nightmare designed to avoid moving to ipv6 as long as possible. I is fine for those that only use outbound traffic but not good for those who want incoming traffic to their server.

Is there something that your isp can offer to help?

They only offer static ip’s to business customers according to the phone call I’ve had. They are supposed to call me back with an offer but the advertised price for a business connection is £150pm, the current price of connection is £25pm. I’m hoping they might have an intermediate solution. In fairness to them they don’t hide the fact that residential customers don’t get static ips, of course a dynamic ip with no CGNAT would be a start so maybe that’s a halfway house they can entertain.

I’m also looking at tailscale, doing some reading to try and fathom how it works.